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How does it work?

SWIFT microwave treatment involves the direct application of microwaves to verrucae lesions using a probe coupled to an energy unit.


  This results in a localised immune response specific to the verruca site leading to subsequent resolution.

Localised intense heating of the verruca tissue (to approximately 42 degrees celsius) agitates water molecules within the lesion, thereby causing friction and stressing infected cells which release heat shock protein. This begins a cytotoxic T-cell response.  In addition there is localised release of interferons.

Treatment involves short bursts between 2 and 5 seconds of microwave application and generally only takes a few minutes depending on the number and size of lesions.

Treatments are then spaced at monthly intervals with the course variable from patient to patient, depending on progress.  In our experience, we normally allow for 2-5 sessions. Complex myrmecia HPV1 lesions can sometimes require several further sessions and a longer period before resolution is observed.


Advantages of SWIFT:

• It is clean and fast, and very convenient with no additional patient maintenance required

• No acids, tapes or other tedious DIY management.

• It has a high success rate against the most stubborn and long standing warts, including extensive mosaic verrucae.

• Infrequent (monthly) and often few visits



• It is definitely painful for the several seconds the probe is heating the skin.  

• Cost per session.  The unit and disposable probe tips are expensive.


Our experience so far:

While the success rate in the original study (linked below by Bristow et al 2017)  was approximately 80%, Personally, the  resolution rate I’m seeing approximately 70%.   This is with around 50 patients over 3 years. 

We are always completely transparent with our opinion on the likelihood of success, as well as the level of discomfort which varies markedly from person to person.  The most common description is “like a hot needle poking in to the skin.”    

It is perfectly safe for children, and we vary the intensity on a case-by-case basis.


Cost as at July 2023:

Each consultation is $225. This includes a $50 disposable probe tip. If a local anaesthetic is administered, an additional fee will be applicable to cover the cost of the anaesthetic and the additional consultation time required.

In the event the patient decides they don’t wish to proceed with SWIFT, we will only charge an initial consultation fee of approximately $90

Private health rebates are often applicable and we can of course apply Medicare/ Care plan rebates for partial reimbursement towards the treatment.


Journal Articles

The original study in the European Journal of Dermatology was headed up by one of the world’s most respected podiatrists for his work in podiatric dermatology,  Ivan Bristow.



A case study by the author of the original study:



There is also a randomised clinical trial currently underway in the US 

with estimated completion December 2023


You may have seen printed versions of some of OUR successes. Below are digital versions:


If you have any further questions or wish to discuss SWIFT (or anything else for that matter)  do not hesitate to contact me, at bjorn@glenwaverleyfootclinic.com.au or on 9560 9599

Kind Regards,  Björn



Other examples from our patients:

12yo male had undergone many months of weekly cryotherapy with another health professional.  3 monthly treatments conducted and resolution 1 month after last treatment.