Bunions are characterised by a protrusion of the big toe joint (1st Metatarsophalangeal joint), and the movement of the big toe in a sideways direction towards the second toe. They can cause you pain during movement of the big toe, and cause painful corns and calluses on your foot.

Our podiatrists will assess and treat according to the severity of the bunion and discomfort. Treatment may include

  • footwear advice and modification.
  • orthotics to help decrease pain or help slow joint degeneration.
  • general care to address corns or callouses. This may remove discomfort immediately.

Depending on your individual circumstances, more severe bunions may require surgical intervention and our podiatrists can refer you to a number of experienced surgeons.

If you have already had bunion surgery, our podiatrists are experienced in prescribing post-surgical orthotics to help with foot comfort and pressure relief.

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