Children’s feet

Glen Waverley Foot Clinic Podiatrists are trained and qualified in assessing and managing children’s feet.   A child’s foot is not merely a miniature version of an adult foot.  They have their own unique conditions and complaints which can present.  Some of the common foot conditions children experience are :


Sever’s is probably the most common children’s complaint – and it has its own page!

Toe walking

Toe walking is when a person walks on the balls of their feet – where their heels make minimal or no contact with the ground.

In most cases, toe walking is normal and a child will grow out of it, however sometimes it can be an acquired habit that is hard to break, or in rare cases it can be due to excessively short tendons or a neurological condition.

You should contact Glen Waverley Foot Clinic if your child experiences:

  • Pain in the calf muscles
  • General foot or ankle pain
  • Decreased or reduced participation in sport or activity
  • You have any concerns


Intoeing is when a person walks with their feet turned inwards. It is often described as being pidgeon toed. It occurs when either

  • the foot is rotated inwards
  • The lower leg rotates internally
  • The hip (or thigh) rotates internally

Like toe walking, intoeing is normally something a child will grow out of, however you should contact Glen Waverley Foot clinic if

  • Intoeing is not improving over time
  • Frequently tripping or falling over at school age
  • The intoeing only affects one leg
  • Decreased or reduced participation in sport or activity.
  • Leg or foot discomfort
  • You have any concerns.

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