Diabetes and feet

People with diabetes may not realise that the condition can impact on the health of their feet. But it is important that they regularly have their feet assessed by a podiatrist to maintain optimal foot health.

Podiatric assessment is vital because people with diabetes can experience nerve damage and reduced blood flow to the feet. This can result in an increased risk of untreated sores on the foot, reduced healing time and a higher risk of infection.

Our podiatrists are experienced with diabetic feet, and are passionate about educating diabetic people on how diabetes can impact on their feet and what they can do at home to maintain foot health.

A podiatric assessment will involve a visual inspection of your feet, and pain free vascular (circulation) and neurological (nerves) tests. Your podiatrist will then explain the results with you, including your risk status for developing potential complications.

Many people with diabetes are referred by their local GP on a Team Care Arrangement. This allows them to obtain a Medicare rebate on their podiatry assessment. In fact, we have a number of bulk billing podiatrists so this means you would not pay anything out of pocket! To access this scheme consult with your local GP first to discuss your eligibility.

We also welcome private patients, so you can self-refer by calling to make an appointment today.

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