Sever’s disease

Sever’s disease or Osteochondritis of the Calcaneus is where pain occurs at the growth plate of the heel bone in children.

It occurs when a child’s leg or arch muscles pull on the heel bone.  As it is not yet fused or “knitted” together, pain at the back or bottom of the heel can result.  Pain can present during activity or shortly after the activity.

If left untreated, Sever’s can impact on your child’s ability to participate in sporting activity of any type.

Causes may include

• a sudden growth spurt in the child

• excessive load on the heel or leg in general

• footwear not quite supportive enough or suitable for the child or activity.

Our podiatrists regularly and successfully treat this condition with a range of conservative therapies including:

  • stretching and or strengthening exercises
  • Orthotics to reduce achilles load or excessive pronation
  • footwear advice and or modification

For appointments involving lower limb pain, we always recommend you bring along the shoes your child wears most frequently, for example shoes used for school or exercise.

If you wish to make an appointment with our Glen Waverley Foot Clinic podiatrists for Sever’s, please call 9560 9599

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