Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus, COVID-19

Is Glen Waverley Foot Clinic Open?


However in the interests of the safety of our patients (you included) we are taking additional safety measures.  See below.

Lastly – if you don’t feel comfortable coming despite those measures – that is fine.  Your health is what matters most!

What safety measures are Glen Waverley Foot Clinic taking?

We are asking patients to:

• Reschedule/ Not attend  if UNWELL

• Reschedule/ Not attend if  you have travelled interstate or internationally in last two weeks

• Reschedule anyone who has been in contact with a known case

Closure of waiting room where possible – Have people wait in cars if able to do so and if not, have people spaced more than 1.5m apart.

Require hand sanitiser use on entering and leaving the clinic.

Not have practitioners attending if they are even slightly unwell.

Wiping down of door handles at least every hour, but usually more frequently.


Private Health Insurance

Can I claim podiatry on my Private Health Insurance?

Yes of course!

We have a HICAPs terminal which allows instant claiming on private health and Medicare rebates.

We are registered with every  private health fund in Australia and are preferred providers for:

  • BUPA
  • Medibank Private
  • HCF

Medibank Private allow a quoting service where you can see exactly how much your rebate will be on additional services or items required. Unfortunately you must contact your health fund directly to determine rebates for other services.

Are you a Medibank Private preferred provider?


We agree to charge consultation fees that Medibank Private set.

By visiting Glen Waverley Foot Clinic as a Medibank Private customer, you will receive higher benefits paid when compared to a non member’s choice provider.

Are you a BUPA preferred provider?


We agree to charge consultation fees that BUPA set.  As a BUPA customer visiting Glen Waverley Foot Clinic, you will receive a higher rebate when compared to a provider is not on the member’s first network


Do you bulk-bill Medicare appointments?


Glen Waverley Foot Clinic have several practitioners who bulk bill Medicare appointments.

Does Medicare cover podiatry?


You must have a valid Chronic Disease Management plan (also know and Enhanced primary care plan – EPC) and provide the team care arrangement paperwork.

Must I have a referral?


A referral is not required, except in certain cases as described above with regard to DVA and Medicare.  We welcome all new patients!

Am I covered with a DVA Gold Card?


If you have a valid GP referral, you will incur no out of pocket expenses.

Do you treat workers compensation claims?


We require payment for the initial consultation for which you can seek reimbursement directly.  With ongoing care, the appropriate case number and required referrals, we can at times claim directly.

Do you have Mandarin Speaking podiatrists?


Ming Yang is fluent in mandarin.