Corns and callouses

Corns and callouses are areas of thickened skin that result from long-term rubbing and/or pressure on the skin.

Callouses are an area of hard, thickened skin often becoming more yellow in colour compared to the regular surrounding skin. When pressure or rubbing occurs in a very localised area, a corn may develop. Corns have centre which may give the feeling of a having a stone in the shoe.

They can be caused by a number of things including: incorrect or poorly fitting footwear, foot type and shape, or the type and amount of activity you undertake.

People often use acids, such as corn pads, in attempting to remove them however, these will often not be effective and could even dangerous as they “burn” good skin before reaching the base of the corn itself.

A corn or callous can be removed by a Glen Waverley Foot Clinic podiatrist with little to no pain.  Without addressing the cause, the corn or callous will most likely return. Our podiatrists will generally discuss with you the likely cause of the corn or callous, and advise you on changes you can make to prevent or slow reccurrence.

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