Arthritis is a disease that damages one or more of your joints, and is common in the foot and ankle. When it occurs in your lower limbs it can cause swollen joints, stiffness or crooked toes often impacting on your mobility.

For people with arthritis in their foot or ankle, Glen Waverley Foot Clinic Podiatrists can assist in relieving pain and are passionate about helping to keep you on your feet. Treatment may include footwear advice,  orthotics to help decrease pressure and pain associated with walking, and general care to remove corns or calluses formed by pressure areas on your feet.

Why choose us?

<li>Purpose built clinic in a convenient location</li>
<li>Onsite Parking</li>
<li>Full time podiatrist availability – Monday to Saturday’s including evenings</li>
<li>Medibank Member’s Choice</li>
<li>BUPA Member’s First</li>
<li>HCF More for feet program</li>
<li>Bulk Billing podiatrist availability</li>
<li>DVA registered</li>

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