At Glen Waverley Foot Clinic, we utilise a number of different types of orthotics with varying levels of customisation and price points to ensure the most appropriate device is prescribed for your feet.
If we think your existing orthotics still work for you – we will often be able to refurbish them.  Additionally, our 3d laser scanner can make direct replicas if you would like a second pair.
We can also perform numerous adjustments to your orthotics at the time of your consultation, using high quality equipment and materials in a purpose built room.

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Customised Orthotics

Our customised orthotics are genuinely custom manufactured to your foot from beginning to the final product. The result is an orthotic device that is infinitely variable in shape, size and in the materials used to make the device, ensuring maximum comfort, durability and correction in foot function.

How is a pair of customised orthotics made?

  • First, our podiatrists take a genuine negative impression of your foot at the clinic using a 3D Laser scanner (DelCam iQube Mini).
  • These scanned images are then sent to our orthotic manufacturing laboratory in Melbourne (with 25 years’ orthoses manufacturing experience), along with a prescription form written for you by one of our podiatrists.
  • The negative impression model is adjusted according to your prescription, and then a positive adjusted model is made.
  • From your positive adjusted model, the orthotic is moulded.
  • The orthotic is then covered and finished in accordance with the prescription, and returned to the clinic for your podiatrist to fit to your foot.

Semi-customised Orthoses

Semi-customised orthoses are a lower price point option when compared to a customised orthotic device, but are still modifiable and have greater durability than an offshelf device. They are made from a standard template but are available in several styles and materials to suit different foot types. They are a great option for growing feet because they are durable and supportive, yet still cost effective.

Premade or Off-Shelf Orthoses

Off-shelf orthoses are made from a standard template, are available in several sizes, and are generally modifiable to your feet.
The advantage is cost-effectiveness and the speed of manufacture. However, they are less durable when compared to the other two types of orthotic devices.