Compression or irritation of the nerves in between the bones in your foot can result  in a neuroma.  If the irritation continues, the resultant growth on the nerve becomes a neuroma.

They most commonly occur near the metatarsal heads or toe web spaces – especially the second, third and fourth, metatarsals. Neuromas are associated with tingling, burning or numbness in your foot.  Sometimes you may notice what feels like a stone in your shoe or  a bunching of your sock.

Causes of a neuroma can include

•Wearing of pointed or narrow shoes, such as high heels.


•Feet that flatten, or excessive pronation which can cause the rotation of the metatarsal heads

Our podiatrists are able to assess your foot and develop a treatment plan for you that may include conservative therapies such as:

  • metatarsal padding,
  • footwear advice and modifications,
  • orthotics

If you wish to make an appointment with our Glen Waverley Foot Clinic podiatrists for neuroma please call 9560 9599

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