Heel Pain

Heel pain is a very common complaint we see at Glen Waverley Foot Clinic.

It can be caused by a number of different conditions or structures in or attaching near the heel.

Some of the causes include:

Plantar fasciitis

(link here) –   So common that it has its own page! CLICK HERE

Fat pad contusion (bruising) –

The fat pad can become bruised and inflamed.

Calcaneal spur

The spur is often associated with plantar fasciitis, but can in it’s own right cause symptoms.

Calcaneal fracture

These can be caused by a single acute trauma, or minor fractures can be caused by repetitive micro fractures.

Achilles insertional pain:

The achilles attaches to the back of the heel and can contribute to symptoms – click here for more information.

Nerve Impingement

The tibial nerve splits to become the medial plantar and lateral plantar nerves.  These can become irritated, impinged or entrapped and cause nerve symptoms such as tingling, pins and needles, sharp shooting or even numbness.

Sever’s Disease

Also known as calcaneal apophysitis.  Occurs in growing feet. Click here


The cause of the pain will heavily influence the treatment yet many of these methods overlap.

Treatments may include:

Exercise and stretching prescription

Footwear advice

Soft tissue therapy

Taping and rehabilitation techniques

Offloading techniques

Orthoses prescription.

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